ELGC WHY: Our environment is one where every individual receives equal opportunity to become as fulfilled and successful as they want to be - provided they are willing to make the necessary changes and raise their standards of living in order to achieve their desired outcome!

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Direct Marketing

 The smile and handshake behind your brand

Sales Consulting

Personalized representation to a growing customer base

Account Management

The leader of customer acquisition and retention

Quality Presentations

A professionally trained marketing and sales team

Leadership Training

Developing the future generation of consultants

Management Development

Grooming effective leaders into business partners

I think E&L Global Communications is THE company to keep an eye out for, especially in the Michigan area. Working with their Management Team for the last year leads me to write how impressed I am by their dedication, energy and passion, both to their clients and team. They're a remarkable group of leaders.


Brand Operations Manager
The reason I've enjoyed a career at E&L Global Communications is because of the people. I am challenged by them, pushed to grow as a person and a professional for them, and overall, motivated to become the best version of myself. The camaraderie is one of a kind.

Christopher Okeh

Senior Corporate Trainer