At E&L Global Communications, we believe that projects are best done by a team unanimous in their company’s values and direction; a unit that is cohesive in their WHY and greater purpose! The culture and environment we foster at E&L Global Communications are based on unity because we expect our people to buy in and share the vision we set 5 years ago. This unity amongst our diversity allows everyone to come together and overcome hurdles, exceed client expectations, and conquer corporate goals. The more you get to know E&L Global Communications and get to know our WHY, the more you’ll understand the values that drive us.


Our team is driven by travel opportunities and competition. A lot of culture stems from the athletic background of our Founder and current VP of Marketing, who leads the executive team at E&L Global Communications. He committed, back in 2012, to create an environment where 2 days would never be the same and where people can become the best version of themselves. This would be done by challenging team members daily and creating problem-solvers and solution-finders. At E&L Global Communications, success and recognition are EARNED, not guaranteed. We value performers – people that go the extra mile and the ones that will do whatever it takes to reach the goal. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, E&L Global Communications believes in rewarding its team members through weekly bonuses, personal development and quality time with our senior leadership team. Our organizational structure rewards growth based on performance rather than seniority, politics and/or nepotism.


Our goal is to double in size each year as we continue to expand for our clients. Due to a huge demand for expansion, it is important that we develop each individual from an entry level role into management. Our mission is to recognize hard work and top performers, rather than experience or education. Whether someone is a recent college graduate or a seasoned veteran, the opportunity to advance is equal for each individual.


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